Our unique process line

Jaggery production:

Manufacturing of vacuum evaporated organic jaggery:

  1. Sugarcane is grown using Desi cow’s manure that has a high percentage of Nitrogen with other organic manure.
  2. Jaggery is produced using closed multiple effect stainless steel vacuum evaporators with indirect heating using steam at a very low temperature, retaining and preserving the medicinal properties of sugarcane juice in their natural form.
  3. The juice is clarified using vegetative clarificants only.
  4. The filtered clear juice is evaporated in closed vacuum evaporators without addition of any chemicals or preservatives.
  5. The process temperature does not exceed 80° C and no inversion of sucrose which avoids formation of cancer-causing acrylamide.
  6. The product Jaggery is not centrifuged as in the sugar factory or a raw sugar unit and hence it retains all the nutritional and medicinal properties of sugarcane because the molasses is absorbed in the Jaggery itself.
  7. Our jaggery is unrefined, raw, unbleached, vacuum evaporated WHOLE CANE juice and has a shelf life of more than 2 years.
  8. Our jaggery retains all the medicinal and nutritional properties present in the sugarcane.
  9. Our jaggery has low glycemic index and is an ideal replacement of for sugar in tea, coffee, milk, juices, puddings, beverages, etc.
  10. Above process is one small step taken by us to reduce pollution and manufacture jaggery in a worker-friendly, hygienic and Eco-friendly way with a low carbon footprint.
  11. Evaporated water is condensed into the water tank and is used in the fields.