Jaggery for all ages

Vacuum Evaporated Jaggery (VEJ) for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, young adults, adults, and old-timers...

VEJ is the pure healthy sweetener

VEJ is a pure healthy sweetener for all – manufactured in modern technology at low temperature. VEJ is top in its class a natural, free from chemicals, unrefined and rich in iron product. Its an healthy ‘replacement for refined white sugar. VEJ tastes so good that it can be easily used in sharbat, cooking or just directly eaten. Its very handy when making desserts/porridge’s, etc. VEJ should be stored in a dry air tight container and will stays good for more than a year. Surely, its so very good that you will consume in no time from opening. But we recommend you to consume it within a month, by this way we could make sure that you get the best out of it.

In what form does VEJ available?

  • VEJ is avaliable in powder, granule, assorted lump and liquid form.
  • VEJ Powder, granule and assorted lump are in 500 gms and 1 kg packs.
  • VEJ Liquid is available in 580 gms bottle.
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When can VEJ be introduced to babies, toddlers, kids, teens, young adults, adults and old-timers??

Jaggery liquid could be given to babies after consulting with your baby’s pediatrician from 6 months. As it contains properties like Anti Aneamic, Low glycemic index, High O.R.A.C. value, etc., it fulfills the nutrition requirement of the baby at this stage and prevents anemia.  VEJ liquid could be given to toddlers, kids, teens, young adults, adults and old-timers immediately without any delay, though people with diabetes symptoms can also consume after consulting with their doctor. 

You could consume few tea spoons in the following ways:

  • Use as a sweetener in your baby’s/toddler’s porridge, kheer, purees etc.,
  • Add it to everybody breakfast cereal or milk poha.
  • Use as a sweetener for desserts instead of sugar.
  • Use as a spread for dosas, pancakes, Chapati/roti or bread.
  • Combine with milk and offer your toddler/kid.

How to use?

  • Combine with tea/coffee and offer your family and friends.
  • Mix approx. 150 to 200 gms of jaggery in one glass of water, add a dash of ginger, lime to enjoy sugarcane juice.
  • In summer prepare sugarcane juice with VEJ using ice cold water.
  • In winter prepare sugarcane juice with VEJ using warm water.
  • While travelling just carry VEJ in a handy container and enjoy it on the way.

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