Advantages of our products

Following are the advantages of our product:
  1. Modern process – hygienic, efficient and eco-friendly.
  2. More medicinal and health benefiting ingredients since more minerals and vitamins.
  3. Can be reconstituted into sugarcane juice since the taste of Madhuramruth is like sugarcane juice
  4. Contains more volume of jaggery since less moisture.
  5. Ready to use since in powder and granular form.
  6. A pure and hygienic product – produced in absent of chemicals at lower temperatures in closed stainless-steel apparatus.
  7. The maximum temperature is 90 C – no caramelisation/inversion takes place.
  8. An efficient filtration system for juice – clean jaggery ~ low ash content.
  9. All types of equipment are stainless steel – hygienic process.
  10. All process takes place in closed vessels – hygienic process.
  11. Thermally efficient boilers are used – low carbon footprint (saves bagasse).
  12. A good clean working atmosphere for workers.